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Why Choose Us

Proactiveness (Innovative Thinking)

Over the past decade the rapid increase of the users of mobile devices such as tablets, smartphones, and eReaders makes it challenging to satisfy growing appetites for smart digital content. 

From product documentation and training to books, magazines, research reports, and financial data, the information traditionally delivered via print or simple digital files must now be created, edited, enriched, and packaged for new formats and devices. A big list of publishers and content digitization companies are pulling up socks to take all possible measures that will help their content to reach to the audiences.

Meeting this challenge requires capabilities and the right mix of digital content and technology expertise. We at iBookservices believe in expanding our value through innovations. We consistently keep a close eye on the latest happenings / blogs in the content transformation industry and hence helping our customer to stay familiar with the —new devices, evolving content-formatting standards, and condensed product life cycles routinely change the rules of the game.

Project Management

A strong Project Management team with industry and solutions professionals is the basics with whom we build strong, long-lasting relationships with our customers. Our Project Management team works directly with our customers, both on-site and remotely to ensure successful execution of the project. With the focus of providing our clients with the highest level of customer service standards and innovation in every engagement we do our best to make every project a success by ensuring a satisfying and supportive work environment.

Cost Effectiveness

Our experts have developed various decision making assistance tools which help in finding the economically most efficient way to fulfill the objective. These tools focuses on the targeted result of the activity, the number of jobs created; the tool also estimates the cost of each job generated by a specific measure. The comparison of various programmes with similar impacts enable the comparison of the costs generated by each job created and provides useful quantitative indicators for the selection of comparative methodologies. The tool compares policies, programmes or projects; it represents alternatives in order to identify the most appropriate one to achieve a result at least cost.


Quality is fundamental to any business activity and having a clear understanding on measuring the performance and taking action to improve is essential to an organizations survival and growth. Our Quality is our Business; we strongly believe in the below listed aspects of quality in our business context and it is only the quality of the product which helps in the re-occurrence of business:

  1. Producing – providing something.
  2. Checking – confirming that something has been done correctly.
  3. Quality Control – controlling a process to ensure that the outcomes are predictable.
  4. Quality Management – directing an organization so that it optimizes its performance through analysis and improvement.
  5. Quality Assurance – obtaining confidence that a product or service will be satisfactory.

Data/Information Security


iBookServices has a documented Information Technology Security Policy for its production facilities. This policy applies to all computer systems and associated devices, networks, and communication facilities. The security policy states the condition of use for of the company’s facilities, rights and responsibilities of users and administrators, and methods used for implementation.

 Physical Security Controls

  • Enclosure of premises - The premise has a single entry gate and a single exit gate for controlling people movement around the premise.
  • Security guards - Third party security team consisting security officer, supervisor, male and female security guards patrol round the clock (24x7) across the premise/facility for monitoring people movement.
  • CCTV coverage - Surveillance cameras are deployed across the facility for recording the people movement and data is recorded. Incidents are copied into the CD’s and preserved as evidence for any post incident analysis.
  • Shredders for printouts: All printouts obtained during the life cycle of the project are immediately shredded once the project is approved by the customer. 
  • ID cards for employees - We issue photo identity card to all employees and the same is to be displayed prominently by wearing it around the neck.
  • Access card - Access card readers are placed at facility/floor entry doors and employee can access the floor with his/her access card. Access to the facility/floor is strictly to 'need-to-know' basis only and failure access logs are reviewed on periodic basis.
  • Access to visitors - Visitor has to report at the reception and his/her details are recorded in the system. The visitor is issued a visitor pass after proper authorization with employee. The visitor needs to wear the pass all times within premises of the organization.
  • Hardware devices – None of the employees are allowed to carry any hardware devices like floppy, USB, hard disk device and CD ROM within the company premises.
  • Accesses to third parties - Third party contractors are governed under iBookServices information security policies and guidelines by executing signed contract / NDA (non disclosure agreement).
  • Logical Security – Our (iBookServices) policies apply to employees, contractors, consultants, temporary workers, interns and other  other workers, including all personnel affiliated with third parties
  • USB is disabled for all mass storage devices.
  • USB is only allowed for iPad, Kindle, Nook, Samsung & Nexus devices. If new devices will be procured, then those will be added in exception list.
  • Local Administrator access is not provided on the system.
  • Internet access is not provided to all users.
  • Only restricted internet access will be provided to user after Business Unit head’s approval & providing business justification.               
  • Wherever Wi-Fi access is provided on production floor only iPad, Kindle, Nook, Samsung & Nexus devices etc. are allowed to be connected.
  • No PC/Laptop/Mac should be connected to Wi-Fi on production floor
  • Secure work area - Work area is protected by defined security parameters with appropriate security controls. The following are considered for secure work area:
    • Secure areas are physically separated from other processing/development facilities
    • Secure area layout diagrams are kept confidential
    • Hazardous / combustible material is not stored in close proximity to work area
    • Access to work area is strictly on a ‘need-to-know’ basis
    • Eating, drinking and smoking in work area is strictly prohibited
    • Access to third parties in work area is allowed only when absolutely necessary
    • Photographic, video, audio or other recording equipment is not allowed inside work area unless authorized to do so

Efficient Technology & Resources

Keeping ourselves updated with the latest happening in the content Technology field is one of the top items in our company policy. Technology-based planning is what was use to build our workflows. We strongly believe that latest Technology toped up with efficient Human Resources are the back bone for the content industry.


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