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XML Conversion

 Our content transformation/enrichment services include:

  • Convert to SGML, XML HTML and XHTML encoding.
  • DTD and Schema Development.
  • Various standard conversions like NIMAS, Vital Source, DITA XML etc…
  • Pre Conversion data filtering and clean-up.
  • Data validation using standard DTDs and parsers.
  • Writing conversion specifications.

iBookServices can convert virtually any input formats like media rich, unstructured paper, microfilm or scanned documents to powerful XML files. We can use and modify a variety of third party encoding standards such as TEI, Docbook, JATS NLM, NIMAS, Vitalsource, DTBook, etc., and develop other proprietary content management tools to create XML database. We have extensive experience in encoding characters sets in many  foreign languages.

Our team of specialists has extensive knowledge with all aspects of XML, SGML, DTD, XSLT and stylesheet (template) creation and has years of experience in creating efficient hierarchical structured data. We have unparalleled skills and experience which enable us to convert any unstructured data, regardless of the format to XML, SGML, HTML any other markup formats with no compromise on data accuracy or graphic/image quality.

We can handle XML/SGML/HTML conversion for publishers, libraries, government organizations and any other institution which needing it.


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