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We offer word processing and formatting solutions for all sorts of documents such as manuscripts, surveys, presentations, questionnaires, Theses, Research papers, product manuals, newsletters etc.. Our team of word professionals is expert at applying the suitable template, borders and techniques to design your document per the specific requirements.

Some of the most demanding word processing services that we offer include:

  • Page Layout (includes page numbering, columns and orientation, header, footer, margin set-up)
  • Mail Merging (mass mailing using a template and address database)
  • Indexing of Keywords with page numbers
  • Cross referencing with Section/Page numbers
  • Spell checking, grammar checking, collaborative editing, Thesaurus function
  • Creation of images/figures and diagrams
  • Tables of figures with caption title and page numbers

Over the past decade we have worked with various teachers, authors, publishers, academic scholars, students and successfully executed hundreds of word processing projects.


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